Take a break from BUIDLing and ask: Where are we now? Where are we going?

The Magicians’ Forum at https://ethereum-magicians.org
Council of Paris, 2018 … (an amazing photo by Ashley Tyson of the Web3 Foundation)
See EIP-1 for the longer explanation of the process.
  • Virtual Machines: EVM / WASM / K-EVM / IELE
  • UX: account management / signatures / wallets
  • Upgrading clients / making forks less dire
  • Compensating nodes / paying rent on contract storage
  • Status codes and improving the developer experience
  • Security and contract auditing (or later at EthBerlin)



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James Pitts

James Pitts


I helped build raptfm, a live, freestyle rap experience. Now helping scale up the Ethereum Foundation.